A clone built with React on an Express back-end. Authentication by Passport.js using both local and 3rd party oath2, Mongoose and MondoDB as the database, hosted on Mlab.

pins in masonry style layout
The react-masonry package works to animate items efficiently into place in a way that is not possible with just css

The app replicates Pinterest’s masonry layout using react-masonry, allowing cards to create that cobblestone look, slotting into one another. Pins can be re-pined by new users, added to boards and have likes and comments posted.

The front-end was built using React-Router for pagination and to split the various aspects of functionality.

an individual pin in full-screen
An open pin with it’s source link credited and some comments underneath

The name was a joking placeholder on the observation that Pinterest’s once usable format was heavily modified and moved from it’s original format in the name of increased advertising and ‘engagement’. “Interest” meaning more click through’s instead of meaningful curation is replaced with “Apathy”.

user homepage
A user’s home page showing their boards and the three most recent pins