Robyn F H Veitch

Product Design Engineer |


Practicing freelance developer, trained in principles of social focused design and systems-based solutions.



Research and human insight lead design, team leadership & management, communication, workshop skills, CAD / CAM, complex problem-solving, Data Visualisation, DevOps, CI/CD, Microservices, design for manufacture, code structuring, reverse engineering


JavaScript (ES6+), Typescript, React-Redux, React-Native, SQL, MongoDB, D3.js, P5.js, Node, PHP, Adobe suite, Figma, REST API’s, GraphQL, WebSockets, SASS, Python, SolidWorks, WebGL







+44 07767 297041

References can be provided on request


Web Developer | Freelance

1 August 2020 - ongoing

Helped several small businesses to launch, designed a custom stock tracking system for a growing start up. Advised a number of large companies on successful technological strategy.

Operations & Retail Associate | Waitrose & Partners

17 February 2019 – ongoing

Working across multiple branches, running the cash control processes I designed and implemented new resources and management processes to minimise wastage and successfully eliminated ongoing theft issues.

Web Developer Consultant | Matter of Stuff

1 April 2019 - 1 March 2020

Beginning with content curation I worked on a product visualisation tool to enhance the customer experience. I built their new Moodboard tool to allow on-site collaborative curation of project themes and resources.

Product Designer | Design Against Crime

1 July 2020

Working with a small team, running workshops in prisons and with the Social Games team at University of South Denmark designing a social game to help incarcerated fathers reconnect with their children.


BA (Hons) Product Design | Central Saint Martins, UAL

1 July 2020

Graduated with first class honours, developing skillsets in social and systems-based design amongst diverse design contexts.

Diploma in Professional Studies | Central Saint Martins, UAL

1 July 2020

A year of work in industry across a breadth of sectors, providing professional knowledge and processes for the final year projects.

Full Stack Certification | freeCodeCamp

4 September 2018

Self-directed study into coding and development technologies through the FCC online curriculum.