Simon Says

A virtual Simon Says game replicating all the functionality of the physical toy. This project was useful early on for learning about time-based functionality, HTML sounds, and tasteful machines.

Simon says is the classic game where a sequence of lights and corresponding tones is played at you and you repeat the sequence back to progress to the next level. Starting at one beep, every level adds to the sequence building up until you eventually trip up and cannot remember what comes next.

large image of main view

This might seem like a simple device to implement, but the further you look, the more complexity you have to account for in terms of not letting people click while the sequence is being demonstrated to them, accounting for the “strict” setting and implementing a power on-off switch. What’s really being asked of you, is not just to deal with sequenced events, but to build a multi state machine to dictate what happens when.

It was also a fun chance to develop some aesthetic and layout skills, I wanted to inject some skeuomorphic styling on the buttons, took care to match the font on the front and spent some time trailing styles to make the score indicator look like a real digit display to really bring up memories of using little toys like this.