A new take on the classic “work life balance” dichotomy, the Directions App presented all actions and responsibility as equal, and aimed to offer ‘mindless’ task direction without simply creating to-do lists.

A range of designs for a competition on the innovation platform Jovoto; a challenge to design a limited edition swiss army knife casing design for Victorinox.

A project looking to create an educational toy for nursery children aged 2.5 to 4 years, culminating in a robotic dog designed to provide companionship and empathy building skills.

In my fifth year of high school I contributed to a course redesign by supplying an exemplar project.

The brief was an introduction to research to inspire an interest in developing fields and technologies as well as an interest in research as a functional and recreational activity.

This project, developed over the summer of 2013, was one of the first ever long-form, self-directed projects I undertook. A small, movable work table with a reflected PC display extension and touch capability. It was built on the open source software Community Core Vision (CCV).