Microservice & API Projects



Converts between UNIX timestamps and readable date formats (American standard).

Image Search Abstractor

Queries an image database and returns the abstract data. Supports pagination and querying historical search data.

File Metadata

Reads a file and returns the size in bytes.

Request Header Parser

Returns basic data on the client’s user agent including IP, supported languages, and operating system.

Imperial Metric Converter

Converts between imperial and metric units via the URL query parameters giving a JSON response.

URL Shortener

Allows users to register a URL to a number, accessing the service URL with this number will redirect to the registered location.

API Based Applications

Exercise Logger

Lightweight service to log exercise sessions and query historical data. Supports interaction with a basic interface and a REST API.

Message Board

Allows for the creation of boards for specific topic, post threads on boards, and leave replies to posts.

Bug / Issue Tracker

An issue tracker API for the free code camp quality and security projects.

Personal Inventory

A book indexing library with comments and optional UI.

Stock Ticker

Queries stock levels and add allows users to ‘like’ a stock based on each device’s IP.