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Case Studies

Page Block System

Matter of Stuff

Implementation of a site redesign with a modular client-editor.

The MoodBoard

Matter of Stuff

An on-site collaborative design and curation tool for use by the company and clients.

website landing page

Bloqs Game & Site

Design Against Crime

A collaborative project designing a social game to help incarcerated fathers reconnect with their families.

Tailored Nutrition

Bow & Arrow

A speculative system and service to give customers insight into their base nutritional levels.

Digital Design and Development for the 20’s

Get your message across with fast, responsive, customisable web design that gives you control over how the world sees you.

Benefit from a range of content management systems, frameworks, and scalable systems, microservices and applets.

Native mobile and desktop apps and other software solutions can integrate with your existing platform or be used to build a new one.

The Industrial Design Approach

Take advantage of a full-service design methodology founded in user centred design and ethnographic research.

If the scope of your project extends beyond a site or screen, benefit from physical product design as well as considerations for graphics, packaging and production.

A Transparent Process

Hands on or hands off, have confidence in receiving the perfect result.

Every piece of work, small or large, is put through the same refined and tested design process.

This sets key deliverable points to let you have the final say in each section.

If you’d like a more involved approach, I utilise a range of collaborative tools and methodologies to let you get to the heart of the process.

If you already have a design, skip the early steps and jump strait to implementation.

I will work closely with you to understand your needs and values; a shared understanding of your vision ensures the work that follows is exactly in tune with your needs.

This allows the creation of a brief; a project or work set outline and list of deliverable requirements.

Possibilities are explored, options generated, and technological feasibility testing is performed.

Data and research can be collated as appropriate to inform the design phase.

A plan is drafted along with timescales and costings.

Several options can be presented to you as appropriate, with differing features.

The proposal can then be reviewed, amended, and signed off on for work to then begin. This process ensures that the determined proposal has everything you need, and the contract protects all parties.

A range of ideas is generated through the creative process, approaching the brief from multiple angles, and whittled down to the most appropriate.

From these, the best idea is selected either by me, or by offering you the final say.

The nature of some projects may mean that the optimal solution is obvious, or decided based on professional judgment, so this stage may not apply to all projects.

Iteration is the heart of design.

Every aspect of the selected idea is assessed and evolved across multiple directions to find its optimal form.

The idea is refined and built upon to test every scenario and account for every use-case.

The final piece is evaluated against the specification.

If any changes or revision is required or desired, this insight can be fed back and put through the design process again.

For web projects, this is where there is an option for content creation such as writing post backlogs or doing graphics work not covered by the design.

The final concept is engineered and deployed.

For code based projects this involved writing the code, testing and (if required) deployment & setup.

For more physical projects, this encapsulates creating renderings, prototypes, and specification documentation.

Before final delivery, anything that has not yet been tested can be put through its paces, to ensure swift deployment.

I believe that it is though commitments to sustainable practice, in all aspects of work, that real value is created.

It is through strong professional relationships that we create networks that last. I am committed to offering ongoing support and collaboration to ensure satisfaction long after the delivery has taken place.

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